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A Mazing Weekend - The Labrynth

posted 15 Aug 2015, 01:12 by Totley Rise Methodist Church   [ updated 9 Oct 2015, 05:31 ]
Walk the Labrynths in the Quiet Garden at Totley Rise Methodist Church. Although a labrynth looks a little like a maze, it has a single purposeful path that winds from the edge to the centre.  Walking it can be a simple way for anyone, whether Christian or not, to help to restore balance in times of stress.  For people of faith it may help them to connect with deeper levels of experience and spiritual discovery. 

Labrynths are an increasingly popular way to explore the spiritual and emotional life.  People have used them throughout history to increase their sensitivity and awareness.  They have been adopted by Christians for centuries as an aid to prayer, for quietening the soul, and listening to God. 

Would you like to find out more ?

Saturday 19th September

The church will be open from 0930 - 1500 hrs
We will have a number of examples of labrynths for you to experience. They are open to all ages, and you can come any time in the day to walk the labrynths.
There will be 3 workshops throughout the day which will explain a little about the labrynths and ways of walking them. You can book for the workshops either by signing up in the church or by contacting the or Sue Kirkman on 078544968011.

The workshops will be at 0930, 1100 and 1330 and will run for 30 minutes. Or, you can just turn up and walk them at any time during the day.

Sunday 20th September

 0900    Short meditation service on journeying with God
 1030 'Everyday Heroes' - Contemporary service journeying with Caleb
 1215 Come Dine With Us - everyone is welcome to come and share lunch with us