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Quiet Garden Update

posted 14 May 2015, 05:49 by Totley Rise Methodist   [ updated 6 Aug 2015, 05:46 ]

Quiet Garden image
The Quiet Garden team has delighted us with their creativity, hard work and enthusiasm to share the wonders of nature in this special area. This is now an important part of the Church's presence in the community as much as a place for individual and collective worship.

The Garden continues to surprise us as we move through the seasons and here's a perfect example of the delight the Quiet Garden volunteers themselves find in the Garden and their wish to encourage others to explore.

Josie Dunsmore writes "As I was weeding in the Quiet Garden today I looked over the fence at the tops of the gabions and was amazed at the variety of plants that have seeded there in just two(?) years. I'm no botanist but was able to identify 10 species including:

1. Grasses
2. Lesser Celandine
3. Wood Anemone
4. Wood Sorrel
5. Herb Robert
6. Bugle
7. Willowherb
8. Alcemillia Mollis
9. Sycamore
10. Forget-me-not

I'm sure more plants will appear through the rotting leaf mould that is nurturing them and softening and disguising the metal stone-filled cages. It could turn into an extension of the Quiet Garden as a natural wild flower 'meadow'. At present there are loads of wood anemones popping up around the garden and in the patches of woodland across the river. Wood anemones are ancient woodland indicators, showing that our garden was long ago part of Ackley Bank West Wood".

Our thanks to Josie for this and to all the volunteers who maintain the Garden so beautifully.