Messy Church

An all age way to help people discover Jesus

We hold a Messy Church at Totley Rise Methodist Church on a Saturday afternoon most months. Every Messy Church has a particular theme. All are welcome - contact Rachel Wilson on 07912352543 for more details on themes and activities. Tea and snacks are included.

Messy Church is not just a club for Kids to come and do activities - not just a bridge into "normal" church - not just a social activity for Saturday afternoons. If Messy Church isn't any of these things then what is it?

Messy Church is an all age way to help people discover Jesus, not just church families but the whole community. A relatively new concept, it has now spread not just nationwide but also internationally (Denmark have to call it something else as they don't have a word for messy in their language!). This happy mixture of games, craft activities, food and lively worship all based on a bible theme is bringing families together in a new and special way. Churches that have been providing Messy Church are finding that it is creating a new worshipping congregation in its own right. Messy Church is here at Totley Rise.

Come along and give us a try, you won't be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's that then? It sounds......messy.

It is! Wonderfully messy.

So...what makes it messy?

Just think of all the fab things mums and dads would love to do with kids but avoid because of the cleaning up afterwards. We did bubble painting , blue paint everywhere! . How the children managed to stay clean was a miracle, so please don't come in your best clothes Messy church is messy!!!!. We once painted a huge Goliath, cut out ,stuck together and had a great time learning that God is there when things seem too big and too difficult for us in life. We need to ask for courage, believe and follow.

Who came?

40 excited family members - all joining in.That meant a lot of organising we even had something put on the overhead screen and watched a clip of the story of David and Goliath being told by veggie-tales.

Ah...I thought food would be involved – more mess?

Yes, the idea is that mums, dads, kids and helpers all sit down and eat together. It's a time to sit and share, chat and eat together.

What happened next?

We all moved across to the church for a bible story, songs and all the children got involved showing all what they had made and had fun adding the sound effects to the epic story of David and Goliath .

It all sounds great fun.

It is. Come along mums and dads and join in the fun along with your children. Make all the mess in church rather than at home! Come and find out ! Looking forward to seeing you there .

Contact: our Family & Children's Worker, on 07912352543.

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