The 2.6 Challenge

Top 26 Songs

Quiz results!

We listed 26 of the most-sung songs at TRM in 2019 and asked how many times you thought each one was heard.

There were 6 entries in total, some from couples. The scores were calculated by recording how each guess was away from the correct answer (either too high or too low) and totalling that deviation for each entry. So if a person guessed the correct number for every song, they would have a score of zero. Not surprisingly, that didn't happen! A person who guessed 2 above or 2 below the right answer for every song would score 2 x 26 = 52

The winning score was 48 and came from Martin & Meg who narrowly pipped Angie & John on 50. Congratulations to them!

The correct answers are listed below. Averaging all the entries for each song showed that people overestimated how often 24 out of the 26 songs had been sung. One, Everybody's Welcome was correctly estimated by everybody and the remaining one, The Splendour of the King was the only one to be underestimated on average. This may have been affected by the range of scores available on the form.

We hope you found the quiz interesting or diverting. If so, please consider a small donation to a charity of your choice. Thank you.

Linda & Phil George

Quiz Results 2020-05-07.pdf