Thursday Mornings - Pause for Thought

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A message from Rev Gail Hunt

Dear Friends

During these last few weeks we are all, daily, becoming more and more aware of friends and loved ones who have died during this difficult time, some from the direct results of the Corona virus and others from different causes but, because of the restricted attendance at funerals, it has not been possible to attend personally.

I have been asked if there is anyway we can share together in a short on line reflective time each week and for people to be able to name loved ones and friends to be remembered. I am, therefore, planning on having a " Pause for thought" every Thursday at 10.00 am live on our Facebook site (

If you would like a loved one's name to be included, you can either email, 'phone, text me or, by using the interactive button at the time of the service, add a name in yourself at the appropriate time. Please do tell others who might find this helpful as it is something I want to offer to the community.

If you are able to link in with me on Facebook each Thursday, it would be a lovely way of us, as a church, standing beside those who are mourning at this time.

God bless you