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Family BBQ - Sunday 3rd September

posted 24 Jul 2017, 07:57 by Totley Rise Methodist Church   [ updated 3 Aug 2017, 00:44 ]

An opportunity to say farewell to Louise and Richard Grosberg before they up sticks and move to York.  The BBQ is free but bring salad and/or a dessert as a contribution.  All are welcome - make this a happy and memorable send off !  The BBQ begins at midday following the 10.30 service.  Please sign up on the sheets in the Church foyer.

Urgent Appeal from SoulRoots

posted 27 May 2017, 13:11 by Totley Rise Methodist Church   [ updated 27 May 2017, 14:05 ]

Soulroots is a charitable trust working with young people across S17.

Recently, essential funding has been withdrawn creating a serious challenge for maintaining the work they do and, indeed, a presence in S17 to encourage young people to walk with God.  For more information about Soulroots, visit their website.

Please read the latest newsletter and appeal below and consider whether you can play a part in sustaining Soulroots as a beacon for our young people.  If you can respond to this, you may wish to download and use the Gift Aid Form below.  Thank you.

Garden Party

posted 13 May 2017, 03:33 by Totley Rise Methodist Church

Sunday 14th May 2017 - Free admission to Garden Party at Totley Rise Methodist Church

Enjoy a Cream Tea as you listen to the Seven Hills Quartet Jazz Band in the pleasant surroundings of the Quiet Garden

3.00pm - 4.30pm

All welcome !

Golden Couple

posted 29 Jan 2017, 13:05 by Totley Rise Methodist Church   [ updated 29 Jan 2017, 13:06 ]

Ann and Len Capper shared the celebration of their golden wedding anniversary with the Church family today with moving speeches from them both, an impromptu hymn and a beautiful cake.  We wish them every happiness at this joyous time.

Mission Building - Q's & A's

posted 23 Jan 2017, 08:01 by Totley Rise Methodist Church

Your questions answered - for the next few weeks, we are displaying on screen at church the answers to the sorts of questions we think our church community may have about the Mission Building project.  A flyer will also be distributed.  We welcome any other questions which spring to mind and will do our best to answer them.  Details of how to raise a question will be included on the flyer.

Lent in a Bag

posted 23 Jan 2017, 07:29 by Totley Rise Methodist Church

Minister's Sabbatical 2017

posted 20 Dec 2016, 04:03 by Totley Rise Methodist Church   [ updated 20 Dec 2016, 04:05 ]

Where is she?

In the first part of 2017, you may eventually begin to think that you haven’t seen Louise for a while. That will be because from January 16th until the start of May, I will be on sabbatical.

This is something that the Methodist Church say that Ministers should take every 7 years, and during this time we are not contactable by our church communities. It is a time to rest, and dream some dreams, and be reminded about what our calling is all about.  For some of this time, I will be walking the Santiago de Compostela with a friend. This is a famous pilgrimage and we will be walking around the coast of Portugal, walking between 10-20 miles a day for a fortnight, and will arrive at Santiago on Easter weekend.  I would like to ask if you would consider sponsoring me to walk the Camino de Compostela? I would like to raise money for those who have no choice in making a journey, through raising money for ASSIST Sheffield, who are working to provide support to destitute asylum seekers in and around Sheffield.

I have set up a web site which will enable you to give which is

But it may be that if the internet is not your preferred way, you would like to gift the money to me directly for ASSIST.

If you need to contact a minister during this time please contact Deacon Merry Evans at or 07772344020 or contact a steward for information.

Every blessing,


Mission Building

posted 12 Dec 2016, 05:35 by Totley Rise Methodist Church   [ updated 12 Dec 2016, 05:38 ]

We are experiencing real growth and activity in our Church.  The rapid expansion in the number of families with young children and the connections with our local community in so many ways - Bread4Life, Focus Church, Toddler Praise, Cherry Tree, events for senior citizens, Pushchair Club and so many more - together with our vision to grow as a Church Family, have led to our Mission Building project which has now reached the fundraising stage.

A series of prayer events is underway leading up to our Gift Day on the 7th January 2017 when we welcome all those within or beyond the Church Family to pledge financial support to raise funds for the building development.

All are welcome to participate in all or any of these prayer events and, of course, the Gift Day itself.  For more background and for details of the prayer events - click on the 'Prayer Events' image.

Family Services at Christmas

posted 9 Dec 2016, 02:49 by Totley Rise Methodist Church

Christmas Services at Totley Rise Methodist Church

posted 7 Dec 2016, 01:38 by Totley Rise Methodist Church   [ updated 7 Dec 2016, 02:50 ]

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