Coffee Morning

Everyone is welcome at our Tuesday coffee mornings, 10 am to noon.

Currently we are not able to run the coffee mornings at Totley Rise due to COVID-19 concerns.

When the Tuesday coffee morning began in 1993 the organisers did not realise how successful it would become. The aim was to provide a friendly environment where people from the community could meet and chat over coffee and biscuits. There is no fixed charge for the coffee but contributions towards the cost are accepted. Refills are plentiful.

Typically about 35 people will drop in on a Tuesday morning and at any given time you may find 25 people in the lounge. Unlike most coffee bars there is a lot of movement between tables and chat across the room. You can meet many people – some from TRM church, some from other churches and others with no church background. We asked some regulars why they come. Answers included “for a good laugh”, “we meet here before going on as a group for lunch”, “we meet other Christians, friends and neighbours” and “it’s a place to get to know people”.

Tuesday coffee morning is a very friendly place and everyone is made welcome. Try it! When? We hope to resume in 2022.